lupestripe's lair

packwolf lupestripe
20 November 1982
First of all - welcome to my lair! I'm a grey coloured husky with white fur around my tummy. I also have an unhealthy obsession with bright pink fur dye and my mohawk makes me the coolest pup in town! I also have a pink stripe that runs down the length of my back and up my tail - hence the Lupe-stripe!! I've been involved in the Furry community, particularly with the northukfurs, for over two years now and I love them all to bits for accepting me with open paws. I have also met furs in Portugal, Germany, Finland, Norway, Hungary, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand - perhaps I will come for you soon too :P

I am a die-hard Middlesbrough fan who suffers week-in week-out with the team's frustrating mediocrity. I also write poetry and stories, particularly ones with a furry theme. I also have an interest in foreign languages, particularly German and Spanish, which I hope to speak fluently soon. I'm also a heavily active member of a charitable fursuiting organisation that raises money for those less fortunate in our locales.

I am a friendly and easy-going pup who loves meeting new furs, so feel free to add me and say hi. I don't bite, I just yap loudly :P